Increasingly, international business

Education or certification in the field of investment management
Increasingly, international business schools include in their programs courses titled “investment Management” or “asset Management” for the conferring of a bachelor’s degree (e.g., business School Cass, London). Thanks to global mutual recognition agreements with two major accrediting agencies AACSB and ACBSP which accredit over 560 of the best programs on the business schools, certification Master professional financial planning from the American Academy of financial management is available to graduates of AACSB and ACBSP business schools related to Finance or financial services. For people with aspirations to become an investment Manager, may require further education beyond a bachelor’s degree in business, Finance or Economics. Designations such as Chartered investment Manager (Chartered Investment Manager, CIM) in Canada, the required for practitioners in the field of investment management. A graduate degree or an investment qualification, designated as a Chartered financial analyst (Chartered Financial Analyst, CFA) may help to make a career in the field of investment management.

There is no evidence that any particular qualification enhances the most desirable characteristic of an investment Manager, there is a choice of investments, which resulted in the long-term return on investment will be higher. This region has a tradition to seek, employ and generously reward such people without reference to formal qualifications.